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CMN is proud
to welcome

Century 21 Kootenay Homes

and our special guests
from their Projects:

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***Ask about our special packages if you are:
- Self-employed
- US Resident

Out of the 65 lenders in the marketplace, the same lender has
the best deal for EVERY client, EVERY time!

Do you believe that?
That's what some lenders want you to believe...


1. Loyalty
Your banker works for the bank, which is in business to maximize their profits by selling you their limited line of products. At CMN, we work for you, the borrower and our job is to provide you with the best financing solutions available from all of the lenders in the market to satisfy your specific needs.

2. Options
Banks only offer their limited line of products and will not discuss the many mortgage products that their competitors offer. CMN is approved with all banks and utilizes our extensive Network of lenders and knowledge of their wide range of products to find the best mortgage solutions customized to suit your needs.

3. Rates
As an individual, you only do one or two deals every few years. CMN does millions of dollars of business with lenders, which, like any business offer discounts for large volumes. As well, CMN uses our strong relationships with lenders to maximize healthy lender competition and you benefit from the lower rates.

4. Service
Are you tired of long waits and automated voice cues. With banks downsizing, personal service has almost become a thing of the past. CMN's focus is customer service and I build my business on happy clientele, and intend to be here the next time you need a mortgage!

Best of all, our services are FREE for you because we are paid by the lenders. Like our government, banks are downsizing their sales staffs to reduce overhead costs. It is cheaper for them to contract out through independent mortgage brokers and pay them for their services.

Using CMN is one of those rare Win-Win situations.
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