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***Ask about our special packages if you are:
- Self-employed
- US Resident

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At CMN we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience. CMN and our associates have an average of more than 10 years experience in the industry and have represented borrowers in financing over $300,000,000 of real estate.

"The deal was also complex involving US and Canadian corporations, as well as foreign purchasers who were travelling overseas necessitating a power-of-attorney to complete the transaction in their absence... Financing was originally attemped through local lenders who hesitated and eventually rejected the deal due to the complexity. However, Dean Bulfone was able to utilize his contacts in the office of the same lenders to bypass local bank decisions and get the deal approved as proposed."
- Thomas Dillon Schaefer - US Purchaser Reference Letter

Using this experience we strive to maintain high standards with friendly, efficient service. We will patiently guide you through the mortgage application process and take the time to ensure your comfort and understanding.

Lender Network

CMN utilizes our strong Network TM of relationships, with over 65 lenders (mostly with established lenders that clients are already familiar including the big banks). We maximize healthy lender competition to help secure you the best financing solution available in the market.

Not every borrower or property fits every lender's client profile. At CMN, with over 65 lenders to choose from, chances are we have a lender that would like to have your business.

Whether your priority is lowest cost, highest loan amount, limited guarantees, prepayment priviledges, or other flexible terms; CMN provides our clients with a comprehensive range of financing options:
- 1st mortgages (conventional or CMHC insured), equity, 2nd mortgages, lines of credit
- Principal residences, recreational properties, seniors housing, rental and investment properties

We hope that you find our website organized and informative. It is our intent to help you understand how the mortgage brokerage business works and how it can benefit you.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us directly.

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