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CMN offers Investors the opportunity to invest in a diversified mortgage portfolio through Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs) or on a direct basis through loan syndications, limited partnerships, and JV's. (Note: The minimum investment ranges from $25,000 - $250,000, depending on the deal)

CMN currently has investment opportunities, which allow investors to participate in development projects, with successful developers. These opportunities include projects located around recreational amenities, including lakes, ski hills, and golf courses in BC.

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Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs) - are companies organized and managed by professionals, which allow Investors to invest in pools of mortgages rather than single mortgages (It is similar to a mutual fund that invests only in mortgages). Profits generated by MICs are distributed to its shareholders according to their proportional interest. An investor in a MIC earns a blended rate of return based on the interest earned from each respective mortgage. The pool is continuously managed with new mortgages replacing mortgages that mature. A MIC is intended to appeal to investors who want a real estate oriented investment managed by professionals.

Syndicated Loans - offers direct lending and investment opportunities for Investors to participate in specific projects. Whereas an investment in a MIC is an investment in a portfolio of mortgages, these specific investments are a group of investors investing in one mortgage or project at a time. Beyond a minimum investment amount, an investor is free to contribute any amount they like towards the full loan amount. When the mortgage matures and is paid out, the funds are returned to the investor. A syndicated mortgage allows the investor to choose their investments on a project by project basis.

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