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Compare CMN'S Residential Mortgage Rates:

Term Posted Rates CMN Rates
PRIME 6.00 6.00
1 Yr Closed 6.50 5.2
2 Yr Closed 6.60 5.25
3 Yr Closed 6.60 5.14
4 Yr Closed 6.60 5.21
5 Yr Closed 6.60 5.2
10 Yr Closed 7.35 5.54
25 Yr Closed 6.53 6.13

Rates updated
Feb. 16, 2007

All Rates are o.a.c. for Premium clients in Metro areas and are subject to change without notice.

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At CMN, our volumes ensure that you get the lowest rates available in the market - most often with a major lender that you are already familiar with.

We are please to offer special financing packages exclusively for purchasers in CMN's Projects including Redstone Resort and Centrestar Ridge:

Land &/or Construction FinancingUp to 75% of value at Prime

Full discount on Long-terms - up to 1.75% off posted bank rates

90 day best rate guarantee - for pre-approvals

Free Legal Fees - for the financing

Line of credit mortgages - starting at Prime

Flexible - prepayment options

Bonuses - Free safety deposit box for 1 year, $100 off insurance

(Some conditions and restrictions may apply / There is no cost to clients meeting normal lender criteria - For those who don't, broker and/or lender fees may apply)

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